Download iplayer content with no drm limitations. web based, easy to use

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After signup, just paste TV or radio show's iPlayer url/web address into your account. Our system then gets your programme. after a few minutes you can then download the video or radio file from your account and use it forever.


iPlayer Takeaway
Paste URL

Select your programme from BBC website and then copy the url. Then paste into our system, then wait for the file to record (a few minutes). Then download the file.

iPlayer Takeaway
Easy to Use

Our system is extremely easy to use and simple. No software to install, just login and use. Only works with programmes on iPlayer, does not work with live programmes.

iPlayer Takeaway
5GB Storage

Your account has 5 Gbytes of storage used to save your programmes. After you download your files you can delete files from your online storage.

iPlayer Takeaway
DRM Free Files

All video and audio files are DRM free. So they never expire. Like recording for private use you can keep the content forever.

iPlayer Takeaway
2 Stage Progess

When you paste the BBC url our system records the programme for you. After a few minutes the programme file is available in your storage account to download.

iPlayer Takeaway
Unlimited Use

Can record as many programmes as you want but you need enough storage space in your account. You need to delete programmes already downloaded.

What You Get When You Sign-Up

Secure account access to login

After payment you will receive a username and password to login to your account. While your account is active then you can access and use our system. No software needs to be installed on your device.

Record a Programme Function

First visit BBC website and copy your programme's url. Then paste the url into your account. Our system then gets your programme direct from the iPlayer system. When it has the programme it appears in your list ready to download.

List Recordings

Programmes listed in your account and can then be downloaded. Our system is based in UK so you can access your files from anywhere.

Save iPlayer programmes forever

Programmes in your account can be downloaded to your own device for you private use and enjoyment, just as you would if you used a video recorder connected to your TV.

Why Use iPlayer Takeaway?


Acts like a video recorder

Our system does not sell content. It enables you to get iPlayer programmes on demand. We facilitate this with a web interface.

Save your favorite programmes forever

If you want to save your favorite TV or radio shows forever or do not want to use the iPlayer program then our system enables this for you.

No DRM restrictions

Files you download have no digital rights management (DRM) limitations. The high quality files can be played on your device with no time restrictions.


If live streaming is not working for you

If you cannot watch TV programs because you "do not have enough bandwidth" then our system will allow you to get them, then download them from your account and watch off-line.

Access from anywhere in world

Our system is based in UK and you can access it from anywhere; so if you are outside UK you can still get and download the shows you are missing.

Terms and Legal

Our system is like a personal web-based video and audio recorder and as such it is legal for you and us.
A UK TV license is required to use our system. Please only sign-up if you have a TV license.
Our system provides unlimited reasonable use; however we do restrict what we consider as inappropriate usage levels that might impact other users.
Full terms are available in the link in the footer.

Download iPlayer TV and Radio programmes DRM Free

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