Terms & Privacy

It is our understanding that it is not illegal to record content that is broadcast live (example video recorders) for personal use. We are not aware of any restrictions for "recording" content from catch-up services.

iPlayer Takeaway facilitates and emulates the process of a video recorder; recording content from a catch-up service. We charge for the use of the facility only and each individual user has his/her only personal recording facility and private account.

Our system does not decrypt any data and does not bypass any DRM. Our system does not allow its users to share content and content is intended for the personal use of subscribers only.

Our service is a functional equivalent to the following:

a) Connecting a recording device or recording software to a computer or TV that is connected to the iPlayer and recording a programme.

b) Installing a complex software program such as get_iplayer and recording programmes.

As the above are generally deemed to be not illegal then we assume our service is in a similar position.

We recommend to all our subscribers that they remove and delete content after 30 days.

We recommend all subscribers to have a TV license.

Our system provides unlimited reasonable use; however we do restrict what we consider as inappropriate usage levels that might impact other subscribers.

Sharing of accounts is prohibited and anyone detected sharing accounts will be blacklisted and no refunds provided.

You information provided to us will never be shared with any third party.

We provide the service on a best efforts basis and if there is a system interruption then we aim to resolve it as soon as possible. No refunds in full or in part will be provided for any or no reason.

It is recommended subscribers have a high speed internet connection and we recommend using a download manager to download your recorded files.

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